Italian bronies interview Josh Scorcher - #fieryinterview

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Italian bronies interview Josh Scorcher - #fieryinterview

Messaggioda E.O.W. » 17/04/2016, 19:22


I'm happy to announce, even if a bit suddently, that this tuesday, April 19th at 8pm (italian time) I'll interview joshscorcher, a famous american youtuber, widely known for his reviews and analysises of our beloved cartoon series.

The link for the interview will be posted here a few minutes before the start. For those who won't be able to watch it live we will upload the full video soon after.

Being able to interview him is an immense honor and such task wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for the help of the facebook group MLP:FiM ITA and his user CyborgTEAM (who will manage the stream).
Therefore I thank him and everyone who will join us (i hope to see a lot of people). You can help us by sharing this news with the hashtag #fieryinterview
It means a lot to us and we want to give you (and continue giving) quality contents.

Thank you.
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