[Coordinamento] 9x22 - Growing Up Is Hard To Do

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[Coordinamento] 9x22 - Growing Up Is Hard To Do

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  1. Mindstorm (+sub)

  2. Laurel Crown (+sub)
    Codice: Seleziona tutto
    [Scootaloo]A tiny twist of fate brought on this big change
    Give me room, gotta zoom, I've got plans to arrange
    Can do what I want, be it run, trot, or traipse
    'Cause being big is all it takes
    [Cutie Mark Crusaders]Being big isn't just a size
    At bedtime we don't even have to close our eyes
    We're in control now, for goodness' sake
    'Cause being big is all it takes
    [Sweetie Belle]Leaving behind the little pony you've known
    Stepping out, growing up, making moves of my own
    You can't tell me no, there's no place I can't go
    Mountains, cities, jungles, or lakes
    'Cause being big is all it takes
    [Cutie Mark Crusaders]Being big isn't just a size
    We'll tell you our opinion 'cause we're oh, so wise
    We're in control now, for goodness' sake
    'Cause being big is all it takes
    [Scootaloo]I can eat all the snacks 'cause that's for me to decide
    [Apple Bloom]We know how it all works, even what we ain't tried
    [Sweetie Belle]Facts don't matter now 'cause it's not what we know
    We can win any argument with...
    [Cutie Mark Crusaders]"Because I say so!"
    Can't stop us now, don't try to stand in our way
    We're awake, gonna take all we can from today
    Once we had to listen, now you'll hear what we say
    Everything is always okay
    'Cause being big is all it taaaaaakes
    All it takes!
    Scootaloo: I think I ate too many snacks.
    Sweetie Belle: Uh, this doesn't look like Appleloosa.
    "Loose Tracks": That's because it isn't...
    Apple Bloom: You all heard that, right?

  3. Roxas94 (+sub)
    Codice: Seleziona tutto
    Sweetie Belle: Uh, hello? [to Apple Bloom and Scootaloo] Do you think we got on the wrong train?
    Scootaloo: I thought trains just took you where you wanted to go.
    "Loose Tracks": Sorry, I don't mean to laugh. But you three must not travel much. This is Hayseed Junction. The train to Appleloosa isn't for a few hours. Or you could set off on hoof. It's treacherous and confusing! Unfit for the young or timid! But you three are grown-ups. You'll be fine. I'll write down some directions.
    Sweetie Belle: Maybe we should wait for the train.
    Scootaloo: And miss the fair?!
    Sweetie Belle: We already ended up in the wrong place, which is exactly what we were warned about. And what if we can't follow the directions?
    Apple Bloom: Come on. We didn't come all this way for nothin'. Besides, I've been through a swamp as a young pony. As a grown-up, it'll be a snap.
    Scootaloo: Grown-ups always know the way!
    Sweetie Belle: Because being big is all it takes!
    "Loose Tracks": Sorry. I've got kind of a throat thing.
    Scootaloo: Sweetie Belle, are you sure this is the right way? Sweetie Belle?
    Sweetie Belle: Scootaloo?
    Scootaloo: Don't do that!
    Apple Bloom: Girls? Maybe we should head back to the station.
    Sweetie Belle: I'm not sure we can. I think we're lost.
    Scootaloo: Just like Twilight and the others said!
    Spur: Well, where were you when I was feeding and caring for him?!
    Biscuit: [screams] Wild swamp ponies!
    Sweetie Belle: We're not wild swamp ponies. We're just grown-ups.
    Scootaloo: And we are definitely not lost.
    Spur: Okay. But that swamp is pretty confusing if you're not from around here. I'm Spur, and this is Biscuit.
    Apple Bloom: I'm Apple Bloom. Nice to meet you. But, uh, we're not confused. We're just... explorin' new ways to Appleloosa.
    Biscuit: Hey, that's where we're going!
    Spur: No, it isn't!
    Sweetie Belle: Uh, which is it?

  4. Barbossi (+sub)
    Codice: Seleziona tutto
    Spur: Biscuit thinks he can just take Bloofy here to the fair.
    Biscuit: Why not? It's just up the road. And Bloofy's my pet, too.
    Spur: Since when?! Bloofy's never even seen a crowd! Which you'd know if you ever took care of him!
    Biscuit: Did you ever think meeting all those ponies might be good for him?
    Apple Bloom: He seems okay meetin' us.
    Biscuit: See? They're grown-ups, and they get it. Bloofy should totally come to the fair with me, right?
    Spur: Y'all don't really think that, do ya?
    Sweetie Belle: Um... Hold on. Us grown-ups need to confer. [a AB e Scoot] What do you girls think?
    Scootaloo: If they go to the fair, we can tag along!
    AB: And Spur probably should share Bloofy. I mean, that's somethin' a grown-up would say, right?
    SB: As grown-up ponies, we think you should share Bloofy and let Biscuit take him to the fair.
    Biscuit: That is some quality grown-up advice!
    Spur: But Bloofy's never been around anything that exciting. What if something goes wrong?
    AB: We're headed to the fair, too. Since we're such great advice givers, feel free to ask us for more.
    Sweetie Belle: [laughs] It's everything I thought it'd be!
    Passerby Pony: Well, my goodness, what an interesting critter! You should enter him in the animal showcase. You'd be sure to win "Most Interesting Creature"!
    Biscuit: Animals showcase? That's exactly what we should do!
    Spur: That seems like a bad idea. What do you grown-ups think?
    Spur: What happened to being able to ask your advice?! You ran off the second we got here!
    Apple Bloom: Where's Biscuit and Bloofy?
    Spur: That's why I came to find you.
    Spur: It's one thing to bring Bloofy to the fair, but it's another to stick him in a showcase!
    Biscuit: What the big deal?
    Sweetie Belle: You are supposed to be sharing him.
    Scootaloo: Yeah, I'm with Biscuit. The showcase looks like fun.
    Spur: Sorry if I think taking care of Bloofy is more important than having fun!
    Biscuit: Bloofy's just excited. He probably just wants to get out.
    AB: Are you sure you're not just upset you have to share him? What if you took a little break?
    Spur: You mean, like, leave?
    SB: If sharing him is too hard, that might be the best thing. Take our word for it. We are grown-ups.

  5. TeoWolf82
    Codice: Seleziona tutto
    Apple Bloom: I don't know what Spur's so worried about. Bloofy and Biscuit are havin' fun.
    Scootaloo: Yeah. What could go wrong?
    Scootaloo: Me and my big grown-up mouth.
    AB: Do you think this qualifies as gettin' into a dangerous situation with no grown pony to help us?
    Sweetie Belle: I think we're the grown ponies that need to be helping today!
    Scootaloo: Bloofy! Treats, treats, treats! Who wants a treat?
    Biscuit: What do we do now?!
    Cutie Mark Crusaders: Run!
    Fluttershy: I hope you're right about the girls coming here.
    Twilight Sparkle: Well, once we read Shadetail Evergreen's warning that the flower grants wishes, it wasn't a stretch to think they wished themselves to the fair. It's all they were talking about.
    Fluttershy: Or maybe, since we told them they were too young to come, they wished to become grown-ups, then came here and caused some kind of trouble that led to a town-wide panic!
    Twilight Sparkle: Yeah. Or that.
    Apple Bloom: Twilight! Fluttershy! Thank goodness! I know you're not gonna believe it, but it's me, Apple Bloom!
    Scootaloo: And I'm Scootaloo! We kinda got turned into grown-ups!
    Sweetie Belle: And we thought we could take the train here, since we were old enough, but we ended up in the wrong place, just like you said we would!
    Apple Bloom: And got lost!
    Scootaloo: Just like you said we would!
    Apple Bloom: Then we met these foals who led us to the fair, and we tried to give them some grown-up-style advice, but it turned their pet into a tornado that might destroy the whole town!
    Fluttershy: Goodness! A Whirling Mungtooth! They are very rare and just the cutest little things when they're not excited.
    Fluttershy: This one's excited.
    Scootaloo: How do we calm him down?
    Fluttershy: When they're young, a Mungtooth forms a tight bond with its caretaker. They're the only ones who can get them to stop spinning.
    Biscuit: Spur's the one who really took care of Bloofy. We have to find her!
    Twilight: You all go look for Spur. Fluttershy and I will do our best to keep everypony here safe.
    Spur: That's Bloofy?!

  6. Dingo Dash
    Codice: Seleziona tutto
    Biscuit: I'm so sorry, Spur. You knew what was best for him all along.
    Apple Bloom: And even though we seem like grown-ups, you were way more responsible than us.
    Spur: What do you mean, "seem" like grown-ups?
    Sweetie Belle: Uh, we don't have time to explain. Right now we have to stop this, and you're the only one who can do it.
    Spur: How?
    Fluttershy: I'll show you. He mostly just needs to see you.
    Spur: Hey there, Bloofy-boo. It's okay.
    Spur: How did you know what to do?
    Fluttershy: After years of experience with animals, I've picked up a few things.
    Spur: Well, one thing's for sure. Bloofy definitely earned the "Most Interesting Creature" prize.
    Biscuit: I'm sorry I didn't listen to you.
    Apple Bloom: We all are.
    Spur: I guess grown-ups aren't always perfect.
    Twilight Sparkle: They sure aren't, but young foals pretending to be grown-ups are even less so.
    Spur: What do you mean?
    Twilight Sparkle: There's only one petal left. But I think the three of you know what to wish for. And I'm pretty sure Star Swirl won't mind.
    Cutie Mark Crusaders: We wish we were foals again.
    Biscuit: Hold on! You three are actually younger than us?!
    Sweetie Belle: The flower turned us into grown-ups, so we figured we could do whatever we wanted. But I guess that's not exactly true.
    Apple Bloom: We did everything real grown-ups told us not to and caused all kinds of trouble.
    Scootaloo: And things could have been a lot worse. I guess we were pretty selfish.
    Twilight Sparkle: I'm glad you learned something. That's what growing up is. Which is why you probably shouldn't skip any of it.
    Sweetie Belle: I know we didn't make the best impression, but we sure would like to visit you and Bloofy some day.
    Spur: I guess that'd be okay, on one condition. You get a real grown-up to bring you.
    Cutie Mark Crusaders: Deal!


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