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Re: Czequestria 2019: Ancient World

MessaggioInviato: 08/10/2019, 21:48
da TeoWolf82
Whoa!! What an awesome lot of people there was at Czequestria!
I'm really happy to see such a large herd that was able to attend! :ajsmile:

Re: Czequestria 2019: Ancient World

MessaggioInviato: 16/10/2019, 18:13
da Jamis
Panel recordings from Czequestria 2019

It took a lot of time and a lot of effort, but all the Mane Hall recordings from this year has been processed and are now available online! So, if you missed a part of the Czequestria 2019 main program, or do you want to visit it again, have fun!

Mane Hall program videos[/b] (including time indexes, if you search for specific moment, question, auction item…) are available on Czequestria 2019 Fang’s page. There (below videos), you find the download links too.

We also listed them at Photos and videos 2019, where you can find links to other videos, photo galleries, and reports from this year Czequestria.

Re: Czequestria 2019: Ancient World

MessaggioInviato: 16/10/2019, 18:16
da Jamis
@TeoWolf82: Yup ^_^ we broke our record from 2017 this year:

373 people bought a ticket, that allowed entry to Czequestria 2019
363 of those ticket holders came to Czequestria 2019 in person
87 guests, contributors, volunteers and organizers had and used a free entry to Czequestria 2019 – in our opinion, everypony who contribute to the group effort should be rewarded at least with a free entry!

In the end, there were 450 of us all over the venue!

Re: Czequestria 2019: Ancient World

MessaggioInviato: 28/11/2019, 18:22
da Jamis
It's already three months since Czequestria 2019 - and I would like to use this moment to thank all participants for amazing atmosphere, but mainly to everypony, who contributed by their own hooves to make this year Czequestria as awesome as it was!
If you enjoyed Czequestria, you can be sure, that seeing you happy, makes us happy too :)