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Introduce yourself

MessaggioInviato: 12/08/2014, 14:45
da ALittlePwning
This thread is for all those who come to the forum wanting to introduce themselves (like you. Yes you). I'll go first:

I'm an American from California and a (recent) college graduate in Computer Science. I like card games (MtG is one of my new favorites), cartoons, soccer (playing moreso than watching), and drawing (which I'm awful at XD ). I can speak Italian fairly well and I know a little bit of German, but my High School years of Spanish pretty much boil down to knowing how to say "hola" and "carne asada" (which is pretty nice to know when you are hungry)

I also have a little bit of college debt and my new apartment doesn't have any furniture :yay: . For anyone interested in some of the coding/programming that I have done (which isn't that much), here is a link to my github page

I've already been a member of the forum for a while and the community here is pretty great, so I hope all of you enjoy your time here. Now, introduce yourselves, so I can say "hi" and stuff. Welcome!

Re: Introduce yourself

MessaggioInviato: 25/06/2015, 21:25
da Jamis
Well why not ^_^

I'm from Czech Republic and in CZ/SK (Czech and Slovak) brony community known as Jamis - since spring of 2012 when I joined fandom. After my university studies of Mathematics, Physics and Computers, I started to work as network administrator on full-time.

From the beginning I try to attend brony conventions and meetups in Europe and having, meet others and have fun :) first one was Galacon 2012 and since then I like to do crazy stuff with the rest of CZ/SK bronies at every place we visit.

I'm also the Chairman of CZ/SK bronies z.s. association - together, we organize big meetups, new episodes watching and our MyLittlePony convention called Czequestria.

Oh and... a lot of bronies, who does not know me, call me just Flutterguy :yay: probably because I cosplay Gala Fluttershy at the conventions, which has sometimes interesting or crazy endings... that are usually recorded FOREVER :D

Anyway... we just have fun. My Twitter, My Facebook

Re: Introduce yourself

MessaggioInviato: 25/03/2016, 2:31
da mrx1983
finally the activation worked ^^
thank you mr.admin
you have a very nice forum here.
i'm mrx1983, i come from germany, and looking and surfing over the brony sites.

i have seen ponies in youtube poops back then, it think it was in the middle of 2012, and then i started watching ponies.
season 3 was my first live season.
my fav pony is rainbow dash.
i like to program on websites and other technical things.

for example i build this sites: /
a little bit inspired by , but a little different.

i also have a little forum, for nsfw pony stuff.
one of the 2 forums to keep the forum clean.
and i made some hacking tools for the gameloft game.

my OC is a warm hearted mare with the name jessy heartfire ^^ ... +heartfire

and i really like videos, there is nothing better than a good animated video or pmv with great sound ^^

and i can be complicated some times, but i'm a nice person ^^

Re: Introduce yourself

MessaggioInviato: 25/03/2016, 9:53
da Clessidrus
We give you a warm welcome in the Italian community of My Little Pony, we are confident that you will find you well here. ^_^

Re: Introduce yourself

MessaggioInviato: 01/04/2016, 16:31
da Mindstorm
He's the developer of "Generosity" for the Android MLP game! Thank you so much for your work against GL legalized thieves! :pinkiewow:

Since you make a new countdown for episodes, will you make the mobile app for the countdown? I'm asking 'cause the app from ponycountdown isn't available and I didn't have any answer from the site developer.